FDGS 054: Could this Idea Change the Face of Podcasting?

Join the Uproar. Subscribe to the Don Geronimo Show.Welcome to the Fans of the Don Geronimo Show episode #54: Could this Idea Change the Face of Podcasting? I apologize for the hiatus since my last update, but life gets in the way sometimes. Anyways, there’s been a ton of changes and growing pains since Phantom joined the show, but everything seems to be running smoothly now.

On October 9th, 2014, I wrote Don an email about an idea I had that may help promote the Don Geronimo Show to the masses, the whole #DGSArmy thing.  I also sent out a newsletter to dongeronimo.org subscribers about my idea.  My goal by posting this email here on dongeronimo.org is to determine the feasibility of this idea.  I truly believe this idea MAY be a game changer in the paid-only subscription podcast model.  The following is an excerpt from that email:

I had an idea that would help promote your podcast to non-subs, especially people who don’t know you…the whole #DGSArmy thing.

If you post old shows that are “expired,” so to speak, EVERY DAY to iTunes, Stitcher, Blackberry, YouTube, etc. with detailed show notes, you will slowly, BUT SURELY, gain traction among non-subs in an effort to attract new subs who want to listen live and download the latest shows.

Why?  Most people want FREE SHIT.  Plain and simple.  HOWEVER, people WILL open their wallets if they really love you and/or your product for reasons you already know.  Although the dicks at RELM, the folks at the Mike O’Meara Show, and other podcasters will SWEAR that you MUST give away your show for free and run advertising, I think your subscriber-only business model WILL work, but needs a few tweaks.  At a minimum, implementing my idea WILL attract a SHITLOAD of free listeners to your “expired” shows in your iTunes/Stitcher feed, with the hopes that a small portion of those will CONVERT to PAID SUBS.  Yes, you only need a small portion of these free listeners to convert…free listeners that, more than likely, JUST DISCOVERED YOU on iTunes.

My idea is a variation of the proven FREEMIUM business model that most podcasters use, but is UNIQUE to your LIVE SHOW.  In your case, the fun of listening and participating to a live show and the ability to download the LATEST AND GREATEST podcast is what drives people to SUBSCRIBE.  A constant stream of EXPIRED shows will be used to attract new listeners.  I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, and I think this is the solution.  I will coin this the EXPREMIUM business model.

How do you start?  On Mon 10/13, publish the Mon 9/15 show (4 weeks ago.)  On Tue 10/14, publish the Tue 9/16 show.  On Wed 10/14, publish the Wed 9/17 show, etc.  In short, go back 4 weeks or so on the calendar and post that days show.  This way, you can recycle the expired shows in a tactical way that will help position and boost your brand in the online market.  Delivering daily content to these channels (iTunes, YouTube, etc.) is a PROVEN way to reach a larger audience quickly and on the cheap.

The key to success in the online world is the constant delivery of content (daily podcast, keyword-rich show notes, etc.), REGARDLESS if it’s “expired.”  Google, iTunes, etc. will “see” the published content as NEW, and you will get the SEO boost you so desperately need to thrive.  Trust me, THIS SHIT WORKS, especially since you have NOTHING TO LOSE!

Mike O’Meara know this, and this is why he uses the freemium method.  Give out enough free shit to get the listener download numbers needed to attract advertisers.  In the expremium model, you have the best of both worlds, listener download numbers (and possible advertising revenue if you want it) and paid subs for the live show and fresh podcasts.

The moral of the story is in order to attract new listeners and subs, publish your “expired” shows on the cheap so the world can hear the mighty Don Geronimo.

Yes, I do believe this idea may work.  I really don’t know what harm posting “expired” shows would cause.  Is this fair to the paid subscribers?  Do you subscribe to get the LIVE and/or recent show?  As a paid subscriber, when was the last time you listened to a really old show?  Would this tactic affect your decision to subscribe?

Please leave your comments below.  I would to hear what you have to say.

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