FDGS 57: What’s New for 2016

free month dongeronimopodcast.comWelcome to the Fans of the Don Geronimo Show episode #57: What’s New for 2016. Once again, I apologize for the break since my last update, but I have been restructuring and consolidating many websites that I run, along with organizing and simplifying my life.

One of the first things you may notice is I have eliminated our social media accounts and just created a simple link to Don’s Facebook and Twitter.  Also, I have created one email address for this site to use for all correspondence: steve@dongeronimo.org.  Oh, who’s Steve you may ask?  Well, that’s my real name…

Like Don Geronimo (a.k.a. Michael Sorce), I have used the DJ/pen name “Luke Stevens” for many years now, and I figured it was time to dump it.  In this complicated world, we need to simplify our lives any way we can, and this was one major way of doing just that.  Yes, this was a big decision for me, but one that I needed to make.

One thing I have realized over the last year is that my live DJ days are probably over.  As Don will attest, technology has changed the way we do things in so many ways.  Nowadays, any kid can DJ a club, wedding, etc. with only a laptop and some creativity.  Unfortunately, my large DJ setup (turntables, mixer, etc.) is just too bulky, and my once cherished beat matching and mixing skills are now automated in software.  Time to move on…

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Little Joe Pittman

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The Phantom

Phantom photo

The Phantom (Mark Lowe) was the newsman on the Don Geronimo Show until the CBS mass firing on July 1, 2013 (also cut were Board Operator/Producer Joe Ardinger and Craig Harless.) Phantom rejoined Don on the podcast until he was replaced by Little Joe Pittman on Feb. 8, 2016. Although old enough to have full blown […]

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FDGS 056: Send Us Your Feedback

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FDGS 055: #DGSArmy Marketing Plan B

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FDGS 053: How to Download the Don Geronimo Show to an iPhone

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FDGS 052: Phantom Joins the Don Geronimo Show

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The Fans of the Don Geronimo Show Forum in now LIVE!

Fans of the Don Geronimo Show Forum is Live

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Fan Videos

Attention fans of the Don Geronimo Show: If you have any fan related videos to share (live event video, video shout-out, etc.,) send us the link (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) along with any other information you would like to share (your name, website, Twitter link, etc.) and we will post it here. We are very excited […]

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