4 Links to the Don Geronimo Show Archives

Don Geronimo

Update: The Don Geronimo Show is currently off the air!

We will update this page as soon as Don returns to the airwaves,  Stay tuned!


Archive Link 1 : TuneIn Radio

Loyal listener JM found a cool Don Geronimo Show archive on TuneIn radio.  Here you will find all the shows from January 31, 2012 to the present that you can stream.


Archive Link 2 : CBS Sacramento page links

We also found a few ways to find the shows on the CBS Sacramento website.  Just click on the following link(s) in your browser.  As of today, the first link (most latest shows) and last link (page 57, includes the first October 7, 2010 show) will take you to the first page and last page of the Don Geronimo Show, respectively.  You can easily change the page number (i.e. bold# 25, #25, or # 57 below) to move around quickly.  Unlike the TuneIn Radio archive that steams the complete show, many of the older CBS pages archived portions of the show.

Latest shows: http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/category/don-geronimo/

Somewhere in the middle: http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/category/don-geronimo/page/25/

First page of shows: http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/category/don-geronimo/page/57/


Archive Link 3 : Google Search

Just type in the following search term into Google and the first link should be the link to the precise CBS show link:

The Don Geronimo Show – October 22, 2010

Which takes you to:


Just change the date for the show you want.  For example, if you want the May 7th, 2012 show, just search Google for:

The Don Geronimo Show – May 7, 2012

Which takes you to:


See how easy that is.  Note:  If you don’t find the show you are looking for, make sure you did not enter a weekend date or made a typo.


Archive Link 4 : The Don and Mike Show

I figured I should add a link to the most comprehensive Don and Mike Show archive on PaintYourBaldSpot.com.  Hell, why not.





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