FDGS 001 : The Week in Review : Welcome : Introduction

Fans of the Don Geronimo Show logoFDGS 001 : The Week in Review : Welcome : Introduction

Welcome to the OFFICIAL LAUNCH of the Fans of the Don Geronimo Show website.  This week I am going to give you a quick introduction of who I am and why I decided to do this project.  I will also cover some ideas I have for the site, along with a look at the week in review.  We will end with some closing comments and information on how you can become involved.

 Who am I?

Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Luke Stevens, or DJ Luke Stevens for those that already know me, and I am excited to be your webmaster and host of the Fans of the Don Geronimo Show.  A brief history about myself.  I grew up a Star Wars fan in the 70’s.  When I was about 12 or so I remember pretending to be a radio DJ by playing my Beatles records over a CB radio hoping people would listen.  Needless to say, I was told to get off Channel 19 and find a new audience.  Silly kids.  When I was about 15 I began working part-time because I liked money.  I soon bought two turntables, a mixer, and I began “spinning the wheels of steel” in my basement for hours every day.  I eventually began DJ’ing at local schools, weddings, private parties, and any other gig I could fit in to my busy schedule.  I eventually got burned out, ran out of cash, and joined the U.S. Marine Corps to help finance my college.  My first duty station was Headquarters U.S. Marine Corps at Henderson Hall in Arlington, VA.  My backyard was a view of Arlington Cemetery and the Washington, DC skyline.  As a 19 year old from Detroit, I was having quite the blast.

Like many fans before me, I listened to the Don and Mike Show for about two and a half years while they were on WAVA and WJFK.  I enjoyed listening to their final WAVA shows while they were begging management to fire them.  I also enjoyed all their hilarious game shows and radio stunts like Low-Budget Jeopardy, Don Wins the Cash, Highway Love Connection, and the time when they launched the blow-up doll from the roof of the radio station using helium balloons.  In my opinion, there was nothing like the Don and Mike Show anywhere on terrestrial radio.  Radio Gold.  I eventually was shipped overseas and lost contact (pre-Internet days.)

In 2011 I stumbled across the Don Geronimo Show on iTunes and wonder, “Holy crap, Don’s back on the air!”   After doing my research, I began listening to The Don Geronimo Show on KHTK via TuneIn Radio, along with the podcast via iTunes and PodCruncher.  I also began listening to The Mike O’Meara Show podcast so I could hear some familiar voices, in particular Mike O’Meara and Buzz Burbank.

Why create a fan site?

The reason I created this fan site is because I was getting frustrated with keeping up with the frequent show updates on Twitter.  Of course, this is an inherent problem with Twitter and something out of my control.  In particular, I wanted to be able to search for something they talked about in the show, say a link to a funny site or a specific post, but, unfortunately, scrubbing through podcasts and scrolling through endless Twitter posts takes way too long.  I searched long and hard for a fan forum, but nothing of value existed.

So what I decided to do is create a fan site where you can find information about the crew, both past and present, loyal listener information, audio snippets, fan music and videos, live event information, and so much more.  I have so many ideas, so I decided to take the initiative and do it myself.  Of course, I would love to get your feedback, the fans of the Don Geronimo Show, to help build this site and to create a fan powered community.

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Don Geronimo Show

The Don Geronimo Show – December 10, 2012

CBS Link

Don’s Show Notes:

We start off the week with the beginning of Drew’s Saturday night at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, in which he was a special guest of Dennis Hof, and got to meet the lovely Piper Rae. Before going into the juicy details, Don tells us about his weekend, including a $6000 refund on some furniture he and Janet didn’t like, Bart’s appearance at a Hindu wedding in “traditional dress,” and an update on his Uncle/Step-brother Tom, who is now being shunned by Don’s mom.

After hearing a tape of a Jacksonville DJ who quit on the air Friday, and Don introduces us to a website called cousincouples.com, we return to Drew’s Saturday night recap, including meeting Piper, Dennis, Reno DJ Panama, and many other gorgeous bunnies. We then get a visit from cartoon voice extraordinaire Billy West. Billy, who is promoting the release of Futurama Vol. 7 tomorrow, talks about his signature cartoon voices including his numerous voices on Futurama, Ren & Stimpy, and the M & M’s candy!

We return to Drew’s Saturday night recap, and Dennis Hof even calls in to talk about the evening! It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour,” but because the guys keep discussing Drew’s Saturday of madness, Phantom only gets to 2 stories: The Rolling Stones’ Pay Per View event, and a boy who has to have his tongue surgically removed from a water bottle. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!

Don: “We really don’t know the truth”

00:25:25 Don’s family tree; Tom
00:36:55 Australian DJ prank follow-up
00:45:40 [clip 1] Don’s quits on the air in Pittsburg,PA WKTQ (13Q).  DJ quits on air in Jacksonville, FL KROQ (Rock 105)
00:55:00 Cousin Couples (cousincouples.com)
01:11:00 Piper Rae weekend story
01:26:00 Panama at the Bunny Ranch
01:33:00 [clip 2] Don – “She’s a high school prostitute!”
01:34:00 Billy West interview
01:46:00 [POLL] Drew admits (or lies) about not getting lucky at the Bunny Ranch
01:59:00 [clip 3] text line bashing Drew
02:04:00 [clip 4text line bashing Drew
02:06:35 [clip 5text line bashing Drew
02:05:28 Drew recording at the Bunny Ranch w/Dennis Hof, Joselin James, and others
02:18:08 Funny caller Scott bashes Drew
02:23:00 Gangnam style, Santa style, farmer style
02:30:07 [clip 6] Craig gets crickets for finding Manny fight KO video on YouTube
02:35:00 Is Drew lying? Don accuses Drew of loving Piper’s braces


The Don Geronimo Show – December 11, 2012

CBS Link

Don’s Show Notes:

The guys pick up where they left off yesterday, regarding Drew’s trip to the Bunny Ranch in Reno on Saturday, and his evening with the lovely Piper Rae. Don also reads the puff-piece about Walt Gray in the Sacramento Bee, and tells us why Walt’s program director is an idiot. We then get a call from Piper, and she tells us about her experience with Drew, and what she thought of him. After Piper, Don tells us about a new Seinfeld Twitter page, and the guys get into a conversation about restaurant etiquette, and Craig, who used to be a restaurant cook, tells us all about the stuff cooks will do to your food if you’re a rude customer.

After hearing a new god awful “performance art” piece by Yoko Ono, we hear a clip of Katt Williams smacking a fan with a microphone, and the guys begin another discussion on the Australian DJ’s who pulled the Queen phone call prank. Apparently they’ve been fired, and the guys talk about how unfair it is to blame them for the nurse who killed herself. This gets Don talking about his own S-bomb experience during the Don and Mike days, in which he dropped the bomb 3 times on the air, and it didn’t get dumped out, resulting in a 2 week suspension for the show.

We then get a visit from comedian Richard Lewis. Richard, who is performing at Cobb’s Comedy Club in S.F., talks with the guys about kicking his drug addiction, how cool Jimmy Fallon is, how much writing he does, and what it’s like to be on “Curb your Enthusiasm.” He also does an intro for Phantom News! After Richard, we get a “Whore For The Holidays” update, as Dennis Hof will be on the show tomorrow when the guys announce a winner. We also hear about a school in Sweden has banned gingerbread men because they’re “racist,” and the guys continue with their take on the Australian DJ’s who lost their jobs.

It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, we hear that the rock band Scorpions is selling Christmas cards, who was the worst guest Jon Stewart ever had on the Daily Show, the Top 10 Movies of 2012, and that the 5 second rule doesn’t work. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!

00:15:35 Silly “lee” jokes and Don gets the crickets
00:16:55 Walt Gray (96.9 FM) article
00:20:35 Fun horns, Piper Rae interview
00:39:00 Modern Seinfeld (@seinfeldtoday) twitter acct
00:47:00 Yelp reviews
00:54:55 [POLL] Have you ever spit in someone’s food?
00:59:50 Yoko Ono
01:06:00 Elmo sex offender
01:10:20 Kat Williams
01:13:35 Helium shortage
Link: Net worth page (celebritynetworth.com)
01:16:36 Australian DJs fired
01:24:20 Don & Mike almost fired
01:26:27 [clip 7] Don & Mike – Regis prank
01:29:42 [clip 8] Don & Mike gets suspended
01:35:50 Grease Man gets fired
01:37:00 [INTRO clip] Don calls Janice back
01:43:00 Interview with Richard Lewis (Started Cobbs Comedy Club 30 yrs ago)
02:09:00 Fired Australian DJs interview
02:14:34 Opie and Anthony church bit
02:17:06 [clip 9, clip 10] Don & Mike tapes
02:31:00 Scorpion Christmas cards
02:41:10 Caller Scott about AC/DC back-in-black
02:45:00 Hip-Hop Squares (Phantom likes), Seeds of Hip-Hop


The Don Geronimo Show – December 12, 2012

CBS Link

Don’s Show Notes:

The day begins with a talk about fake reality shows, including “Storage Wars,” and “Lizard Lick Towing.” We then hear Drew’s “Bane” impersonation that he was doing in the office after the show yesterday, and Don tells us about the Christmas cards he and Little Joe got from the receptionist, in which there were numerous misspellings. After the guys discuss their favorite Batman villains (from the TV show), we get a visit from our good buddy Frank Caliendo. Frank talks about the show he did at Colusa Casino that Don went to, adding his Jon Gruden impersonation to his set, and getting bumped by ESPN two weeks in a row.

The guys also hear a couple new parody songs from Little Joe’s prep site, and that gets the guys singing all their favorite songs from the site. Then our good friend Dennis Hof stops by. Dennis introduces us to his newest bunny, Krissy Summers, and the guys select a winner for the “Whore For The Holidays” Contest! After Dennis, Don pulls out a list of the best NFL quarterbacks that wore the number 12, in honor of the day being 12-12-12. This gets the guys talking about the best NFL players by each number, and which ones are their favorite.

It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Lindsay Lohan’s probation has been revoked, the Hurricane Sandy 12-12-12 relief concert is tonight, and the Rock n’ Roll Hall Of Fame inductees have been announced. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


00:02:21 [clip 11] Don answers 911 calls
00:06:23 Anne Hathaway costume malfunction egotastical.com
00:10:24 Fake reality TV; Storage WarsLizard Lick Towing, truTV
00:28:12 [clip 12] Bain on the black Larry King show (Don)
00:31:24 Favorite Batman, favorite villian; Joe gets the crickets
00:35:55 [clip 13] Terry the Singing Guy sing Billy “Joel”
00:38:45 Top Batman villain
00:47:20 [clip 14] Terry Bradshaw singing
00:49:00 [clip 15] Yoko alarm
00:52:53 [clip 16] Don plays fart song for Janice from Modesto
00:53:45 Frank Caliendo interview
01:20:42 DJ Prep Service parodies- Santa OBama (Santa Baby), Lindsey the Lohan (Frosty the Snowman)
01:46:30 Bunny Ranch contest; follow-up with Tom
02:09:00 text line bashing Tom
02:10:18 Favorite NFL QB
02:32:18 Don & Hillary Clinton
02:40:18 Star76 explicit Facebook posts


The Don Geronimo Show – December 13, 2012

CBS Link

Don’s Show Notes:

The guys begin the day talking about the 12-12-12 show last night, and their favorite performances, including Springsteen, The Who, and the Rolling Stones. They also talk about how crappy Kanye was, how unfunny Billy Crystal was, and ask what the hell was up with that Drunk Uncle bit. Don then tells us about the female co worker who asked Don about the rates at the Bunny Ranch, and we hear about a Florida man who got busted for having sex with a donkey.

After hearing a few clips of the performances from the 12-12-12 show, we hear that the U.K. nurse who killed herself actually hung herself, and Don reads an email from a talent manager in L.A. who is interested in Don’s story that was rejected by Lifetime. Don also tells us about a book being written called “Radio Mafia,” and that most of it will be about one of Don’s old radio buddies, Don Cox. Don tells us some of the most epic Don Cox stories, and even plays clips of the guy from his DJ days.

After hearing about a guy who dropped dead while doing the “Gangnam Style” dance, and a Pollock who burned his face with an iron, we hear the dumbest baby names of 2012, and the guys talk about their favorite Christmas movies, and Craig expresses his love for Brian Piccolo. The guys then play a special Christmas edition of “Stump The Stoop,” before it’s time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, the U.K. nurse who hung herself, a murder felon’s plan to castrate Justin Bieber, the most Googled terms of 2012, and the Biggie Smalls autopsy. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


00:20:57 1-800-TELL-FCC
00:23:28 Anonymous female employee asks Don about Bunny Ranch prices
00:27:25 The Don Geronimo Show Celebrity Christmas Special
00:30:11 Carlos loves a donkey
00:50:00 Dead nurse theory
00:54:10 Don’s Lifetime story; email from interested producer; Don Cox
01:02:00 More of Don’s DJ stories
01:15:10 Don Cox audio
01:23:01 Funny Xmas stories
01:28:18 Favorite Xmas movies
01:42:11 Tom cancels the Bunny date
01:54:24 Stump the Stoop
02:03:36 Brian Song; laugh if you find the funny moment
02:27:18 Abe Vigoda sound bites
02:42:32 Zombie deaths
02:45:38 [clip 17] Bode Miller’s golf ball story; Craig gets the crickets


The Don Geronimo Show – December 14, 2012

CBS Link

Don’s Show Notes:

It’s the Holiday Show! The last show of the year, and the guys jump right into the Absinthe that a loyal listener brought in for the guys.

As Craig plays bartender, the guys first open Drew’s gifts, which are all sex toys, including blow up dolls for Little Joe and Slow Joe, a vibrating butt plug for Craig, and a jelly penis for Phantom that glows in the dark! The guys play with the toys for a bit, and then Deuce Mason stops by to spread some yuletide cheer, before Don and the guys talk about Walt Gray’s new show, and Don tells the Nick Toma story again.

Don then does his annual Christmas tradition of playing the Beatles Christmas greetings 45′s he got as a kid, and we get an in studio visit from our good buddy, comedian Bobby Slayton. Bobby talks about Bill Hicks, Greg Giraldo, Louis CK, his movies “Bandits,” and “Ed Wood,” and being married. It’s then time for a quick “Phantom News Hour,” in which Phantom and the guys talk about the breaking news in Connecticut, a shooting at an elementary school. Then Don wraps the year up with a caller 100.


00:12:37 Don thanks the crew for a great 2012
00:15:03 Slow Joe – “We could be podcasting.”
00:16:46 [audio 18] Don and crew take first shot of absinthe
00:19:51 Absinthe show begins with fabulous gifts
00:41:04 Noodles not looking too good
00:46:30 Don talks about joining the Beatles fan club
00:53:06 [clip 19] Don and gang are glad they are in Sacramento
00:56:17 [clip 20] Don – I love gay people
00:56:32 Deuce and his intern Morgan
01:02:03 Don talks about Walt Gray
01:06:57 Nick Toma story
01:14:09 Carmichael Dave firing; everybody told to keep quiet
01:21:03 Beatles audio
01:28:29 Bobby Slayton interview
01:50:49 Bobby Slayton’s daughter (Natashia Slayton) is the new lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls
02:21:31 [clip 21] Little Joe gets the crickets
02:22:08 [clip 22] Don reads the Hamburger James story to Batman’s #1 villain Bain
02:40:37 Phantom news – School shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT


The Week in Review : Summary

Thanks for checking out the Fans of the Don Geronimo Show Week in Review.  You can find all this information and more at our website at dongeronimo.org, including show notes, links, and more.  You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Remember, you can call us on our feedback line at (313) 338-9958.  And as always, the call is free, and the advice is free!  I would love to hear your feedback.  You can also send us your feedback by going to our Contact page.  Thanks for all your support.




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