FDGS 002 : The Week in Review : Happy New Year 2013

Fans of the Don Geronimo Show logoFDGS 002 : The Week in Review : Happy New Year 2013

Welcome to the Fans of the Don Geronimo Show, The Week in Review, January 2-4, 2013.

Dappy Do Dear!


I have decided to post the week in review blog posts before I deliver the “podcast” version.  I have decided to scrap my original podcast format to create something new.  My goal is to deliver something different, progressive, and unique; a whole new approach that supports the blog, yet does not sound like a poorly produced radio show (like most podcasts do.)  My idea involves creating a mashup of good music, sound clips for the week, fan feedback, and my two cents.  Please stay tuned.

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Don Geronimo ShowThe Don Geronimo Show – January 2, 2013

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Don’s Show Notes:

The guys are back! And Don kicks off the first show of 2013 by telling us why his vacation sucked! Apparently Don caught the flu over the break, and he’s more than certain he got it from G.M. Steve, who’s battling a bug of his own. We hear about Don’s two weeks off, including the Bobby Slayton show, and the “indifferent” fans that were there, the CBS Radio Christmas Party that the guys all attended, Don’s buddy’s “backup light” game, and bowling with his family. The guys also discuss Noodles’ tweets over the vacation about his new girlfriend, and the guys are pretty sure he’s making her up.

Don then tells us about a website he found that has nothing but pictures of Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler with cigarettes photo shopped in his mouth, and Don also tells us the Jay Cutler “Doooon’t Caaaaare!” story. Then Don and Little Joe geek out on Call Of Duty Black Ops, which they’re both apparently hooked on now. After LJ tells his Christmas story about his son Jack playing his new video game, Don gives Abe Vigoda a call, to talk about the passing of Jack Klugman, and we hear about a new DonGeronimo.org fan site.

Drew also tells us that he broke up with his girlfriend, but that it had NOTHING to do with Piper Rae. It’s then time for the “Phantom News.” Today, Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve tops the ratings, TV reminders, and a paparazzi gets hit and killed by a car while trying to photograph Justin Bieber. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a Caller 100!

Don: “I couldn’t beat off at all last week.”

00:28:30 Noodles girlfriend (Don sees photo at 01:04:00)
00:47:03 Car in reverse parking lot gag
00:59:03 The Fan 1140 changes to CBS sports radio 1140
01:00:07 [clip 1] Don calls back the first dumb texter of 2013
01:02:40 First caller of 2013 on hold for over an hour really brings it
01:04:55 [clip 2] Terry the singing guy has Don’s number
01:12:36 Don likes Madden football but sucks at Call of Duty
01:22:26 10 most awful commercials of 2011
01:34:04 Little Joe’s kid Jack makes funny comments, thanks to Craig
01:37:23 [clip 3] Little Joe tells a funny Mexican/Jesus joke
01:40:34 Don calls Abe Vigoda
01:45:09 [clip 4] BP Mary calls in and gets a wonderful greeting from Don; she texts back at 01:49:10
01:53:28 [clip 5] Don finds the Fans of the Don Geronimo Show site
01:58:47 Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin on New Year’s Eve
02:03:46 Andrew Dice Clay’s new show Indestructible on Showtime
02:10:30 Drew Hoffar’s breakup with his girlfriend and Piper Rae update; Piper Rae on ustream
02:15:09 [clip 6] BP Mary’s explicit text to Drew Hoffar
02:16:16 [clip 7] Drew- It was a good bit
02:22:06 [clip 8] Don interview’s the Piper Rae soundboard
02:27:00 [clip 9] Caller Jerry or Gary- “Good job brainiac”
02:27:58 Bain breaks up with girlfriend



The Don Geronimo Show – January 3, 2013

CBS Link

Don’s Show Notes:

It’s time for the “2012 Doni Awards!” Among the categories this year: The Goofiest Looking Person At The Station, The Hottest Girl In The Station, Most Likely To Go Nuts And Shoot Up The Station, and Best Show Moment. After the Doni’s have been handed out, Don calls a few of the lucky winners, including Sweaty Sean, Steve Goss, and Noodles!

Don then introduces the guys to a new educational film, this time from 1955, called “Your Body During Adolescence.” After the guys marvel at how human bodies have evolved since the 50′s, we hear clips of Kathy Griffin on Letterman last night, Sam Jackson challenging an interviewer to drop the “N” bomb, and “Twilight” star Bronson Pelletier peeing on the carpet of an airport terminal.

After another edition of “Don Gets The Cash Call,” and Craig educates the guys on al-Jazeera, It’s time for “Phantom News.” Today, Meredith Vieira drops the “S” bomb on “Today,” Wendy’s new discount menu, and a stripper falls from a balcony while doing a lap dance. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!

00:12:35 RIP John rock ‘n roll Anthony on Power 105, Tampa Bay, FL; Don stories
00:14:27 The 2012 Donis begin
00:46:51 [clip 10] Terry the singing guy sings Culture Club – Do You Really Want to Hurt Me
00:54:55 Don wins the biggest ahole award
00:58:22 Best show moment in 2012: blind boxing
01:01:36 Station employee most likely to go nuts and murder everybody: Scott Marsh
01:14:01 Educational film: Your Body During Adolescence (1955)
01:19:36 [clip 11] Craig’s Mexican joke of the day
01:47:38 Kathy Griffin on Letterman
01:53:21 The 2012 Donis recap
01:54:18 Bronson Peltier takes leak at gate after being kicked off plane
01:59:14 Sam Jackson challenges guy to say the n word
02:03:54 Donny Gets the Cash Call
02:34:13 [clip 12] Don reads Aljazeera text messages
02:36:58 [clip 13] Don reads more Aljazeera text messages
02:45:50 [clip 14] Aljazeera TV lineup; Craig gets the crickets



The Don Geronimo Show – January 4, 2013

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Don’s Show Notes:

Doni Boy starts the day with the post show reaction to the “Doni Awards” yesterday, and has a few new awards as a result. We then hear that hammers kill people more than rifles, and Don really wants to start a show bowling team. After tossing around the idea of doing some live shows at bowling alleys against listeners, the guys play a new round of “Foreign or Domestic.” This time, Don calls the “Most Sexually Active” cities in the U.S.

We also hear that a local TV station is interested in doing a late night show with Don, much like the show he was testing a few years back, and tells the guys that they’ll be a big part of it, if it happens. We then get another visit from our good buddy Dennis Hof, owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Reno. Dennis tells the guys about his new show on Cinemax, “Working Girls In Bed,” his Andy Kaufman art show, in New York, and when Don tells him about Drew being newly single, Dennis tells his new son what he can do to his ex with Piper Rae and Courtney Cross!

After Denis, we get an in studio visit from comedian Greg Proops. Greg, who is performing at the Punchline in Sac tonight and Saturday, tells us about his podcast, the spontaneity of his live show, having to control his language around certain people, and his take on Jimmy Kimmel’s hatred for Jay Leno. It’s then Pornucopia time! Don plays us internet porn videos that are TV show parodies, including “Who’s The Boss?” “Beverly Hillbillies,” and “Big Bang Theory.” After the suggestion of a texter, the guys check out milkenema.com, leading do the barfing of Drew and Little Joe!

It’s then time for “Phantom News.” Today, Phantom tells us about a mid 60′s man who was killed by a falling refrigerator while getting a beer, the new GoDaddy.com Super Bowl model, the new Rachael Ray vs Guy Fieri show on Food Network, and the cable channel ratings for 2012. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


00:04:37 The 2012 Doni Awards continued; 5 extra categories
00:21:34 Show bowling team; bowlers challenge
00:35:00 [clip 15] Don blows his nose on air
00:36:07 Foreign or Domestic
00:44:23 Don the disabled DJ call
00:47:00 [clip 16] Dons talks about an 80’s nitrous oxide party hosted by Buzz Burbank
00:52:10 [clip 17] Foreign or Domestic final walk-off call to Washington, DC
00:55:02 Don After Dark TV pilot update
00:59:59 Don’s Lifetime story update
01:02:15 Dennis Hof interview; new show info
01:05:49 Piper Rae update
01:12:32 Dennis Hof talks about Andy Kaufman & Bob Zamuta
01:25:24 Tension between the Joes
01:29:13 Greg Proops in studio interview
01:52:44 [clip 18] Bain calls dongeronimo.org, leaves wrong number (text line)
01:58:48 Adult movie parodies
02:07:00 [clip 19] Only real friends look at boogers, then phantom accidentally gets slapped in the face
02:31:16 2012 NFL Wild Card weekend picks


The Week in Review : Summary

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