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Welcome to the Fans of the Don Geronimo Show, The Week in Review, May 6 – May 10, 2013.

As always, Don is able to fill up another 20 hours a week with must-hear radio.  Actually, it was more like 18 hours if you don’t count the hour we lost for that annoying air conditioning hum we heard on Tuesday, and the hour we lost on Thursday in exchange for must-hear morning baseball.

This week we had medical scares from both of the Joe’s:  Slow Joe on Monday with his potentially deadly “spider bite”, and Little Joe on Friday with his possible “heart attack.”  Luckily, both medical cases turned out minor in nature.  This is also the week of the official Craig and Paris breakup.  Poor Craig…maybe a trip to the Bunny Ranch is in order.  Speaking of romantic bummers, Drew’s girl Jodi Arias was found guilty of premeditated murder this week.

Don’s celebrity guests this week included Comedians Jen Kirkman, Dan Soder, and Jay Mohr.  And as always, in case you missed a show, listen to the podcast.   Enjoy…



The Don Geronimo Show – May 6, 2013

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Don’s Show Notes:

Today, Doni kicks off the week with a weekend recap, including the AC battle he had with Janet, and the annoying fat guy that sat behind him at Iron Man 3. We also hear that Slow Joe has what thinks is a spider bite he got on Saturday, and eventually leaves early to see the doctor. After hearing that Craig is now single, and in a really pissy mood today, we get a visit from Mariachi Tradicional, a Sacramento Mariachi band, and they perform in honor of Cinco De Mayo yesterday. We then hear that it’s “International Clitoris Week,” and then it’s time for the “Phantom News.” Today, Metallica Night at AT&T Park last Friday night, A Daytona Beach man strips naked in a 7 Eleven, and says he’s a monkey, and Iron Man 3 has the second highest opening of all time. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!

00:35:03 Slow Joe may have bitten by a spider
00:59:58 Craig broke up with Paris this weekend
01:26:23 More Reese Witherspoon police car audio
01:32:47 Belated Cinco de Mayo celebration with a Mariachi band (mariachitraditions.com)
01:48:42 [clip] The Mariachi band and crew sing Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing
01:56:25 [link] Happy International Clitoris Week
02:00:03 Don tries to get medical attention for Slow Joe’s worsening “spider bite”
02:19:36 Slow Joe leaves early to go see the doctor
02:36:21 Phantom news


The Don Geronimo Show – May 7, 2013

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Don’s Show Notes:

Today on the show, Don’s mini road rage incident with a neighbor, Slow Joe’s spider bite was just an infected scrape, and the amazing story out of Cleveland, about the 3 women who were kidnapped and held captive for 10 years, and escaped yesterday. Then the AC unit goes haywire and begins buzzing loud and uncontrollably. As Don tries to keep the wheels from falling off, we see a video of a 12 year old who calls out a motorcycle cop for parking on the sidewalk, before engineer Bob shuts off the power to the AC, and the maintenance guy walks into the studio while the guys are on the air to fix it. It’s then time for the “Phantom News.” Among the stories today: Dr. Phil is suing Deadspin, and a new Joe Dirt movie is on the way. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!

00:12:22 Slow Joe update: no spider bite, just an infection
00:27:13 [clip] Don reads a fan letter from Marissa in Harrisburg, PA
00:31:28 Kidnapping rescue in Cleveland
00:49:38 [clip] RIP DJ “Brother” Mike Anderson
01:00:07 The AC unit starts to make noises
01:03:56 Fox cancels COPS; picked up by Spike TV
01:07:46 [link] NBC 4 in Oklahoma City runs the “Turtle Test”
01:37:00 [clip] Don gets really mad at the AC and demands action from CBS
01:48:55 [clip] Fake Finger Guy calls in
02:02:55 [clip] The AC unit is fixed; Don restarts the show
02:25:02 [clip] The AC guy comes in and stops the show
02:34:26 Phantom news


The Don Geronimo Show – May 8, 2013

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Don’s Show Notes:

With the AC unit finally fixed, we hear the new Charles Ramsey auto tuned songs, and Don reads Craig Wilson’s final USA TODAY column, before Drew tells us he’s trying to kick his smoking habit, and we get a visit from comedian Jen Kirkman. The Rotating Random Phone Scan returns, and afterwards, Don reads us a list of the stuff our body produces each year, as well as a list of the “100 Most Trusted Celebrities,” according to Reader’s Digest. Today on the “Phantom News,” the series finale of “The Office” will be 75 minutes, last week’s TV ratings, and Paul McCartney plays Beatles songs that were never before performed live. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!

00:25:58 The latest Pat Robertson opinion about gays
00:29:54 Retweet Penn Jillette (@pennjillette) for Celebrity Apprentice
00:42:00 [clip] Don reads Craig Wilson’s final USA Today article
00:50:11 Can Drew stop smoking?
00:54:05 [CBS link] Comedian Jen Kirkman interview
01:34:26 Phone scan topics
01:38:50 [clip] It’s been awhile for the phone scan song
01:51:29 [clip] Eddie Money once puked on Don’s bed
01:57:40 [clip] Phantom Finger Guy throws a curve ball
02:05:03 Don has a funny idea: drop manure on the studio roof of Rob, Arnie, and Dawn from an Ag plane
02:08:46 [clip] Mark Cridler checking in
02:13:10 [clip] Chip Ardinger calls in
02:18:23 Marissa from Harrisburg, PA returns Don’s call from yesterday
02:30:09 Don calls Christine, a listener’s wife who is in bitch mode
02:40:35 Phantom news


The Don Geronimo Show – May 9, 2013

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Don’s Show Notes:

Today, in this truncated episode, Jodi Arias was found guilty of murder 1 yesterday, and Drew is crushed. We also see a monkey who smokes cigarettes, hear a clip from radio legend Walt Shaw from 1966, get an in studio visit from comedian Dan Soder, and another Rotating Random Phone Scan. It’s then time for an abbreviated “Phantom News.” Today, Hillary Duff on the next 2 And A Half Men, Clay Aiken on “The Office” tonight, Charles Ramsey is a wife beater, and Snoop Dogg’s pimp bus. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!

00:10:44 Jodi Arias found guilty
00:45:00 [YouTube video] Smoking orangutan
00:48:43 [clip] Walt Shaw audio from 1966 on AM 1140 KRAK
00:51:31 [CBS link] Interview with Comedian Dan Soder
01:19:02 Phone scan topics
01:23:40 Truncated edition of the phone scan begins with a new song
01:34:17 [clip] Phantom Finger Guy got one in again, no pun intended
01:49:47 Phantom’s truncated news


The Don Geronimo Show – May 10, 2013

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Don’s Show Notes:

Today, Little Joe thought he had a heart attack last night, Don’s Mother’s Day tribute, a website that allows you to mail excrement to people, a visit from comedian Jay Mohr, and a Detroit woman’s flip out on the government. We also hear a few stories from Don’s old DJ days, a round of “Foreign or Domestic,” and “Phantom News.” Today, Phantom gives us Rock n’ Roll birthdays, movies coming out this weekend, and a Tampa restaurant that serves lion. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!

00:06:01 Little Joe thought he was having a heart attack last night
00:22:12 Don’s Mother’s Day tribute
00:39:03 Don calls Big Frida
00:51:17 [CBS link] Comedian Jay Mohr on the phone
01:10:40 [link] Send crap and other nasty stuff as a gag gift
01:20:36 Melinda Brown Duncan gives us her opinion of Detroit city government
01:27:20 Don talks about PD Bill Garcia who hired him 3 times over his career at 99X in New York, WNDE in Indianapolis, and WDRQ in Detroit
01:30:34 Don talks about PD Charlie Kendall at WNDE
02:03:04 [clip] Flipping Fox was cold-cocked by Cops, a tongue twister
02:12:24 My Favorite Mother (Bohemian Rhapsody) song from the DJ Prep Service really sucks
02:14:20 [clip] Fake Finger Guy
02:24:54 Foreign or Domestic
02:41:55 Phantom News


The Week in Review : Summary

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