@SteveB446 (aka DJ Luke Stevens)

Little Joe ShutEmDown

What started as a fun news intro for @LittleJoeRadio, ended up as a crazy mashup of Little Joe Pittman audio clips alongside the cool track “Shut Em Down” by @Celldweller.

Link: http://fdgs.s3.amazonaws.com/public-audio/Little Joe ShutEmDown.mp3

Iron Don Geronimo (Luke Stevens Mixup)

The underlying theme of this track was if you (Tom Cousins) try to go toe to toe with Donny G, he will knock your ass out! Sidenote: At the very end of the track (5:21) Don tells Dave that he has “fullfilled his contract,” a running joke on the show. I found it kinda spooky that I released this mixup on March 26, 2012, just over a month before Carmichael Dave was fired (on May 9th.)

Link: http://fdgs.s3.amazonaws.com/public-audio/Iron Don Geronimo (Luke Stevens Mixup).mp3

Don Geronimo’s Buffalo Birthright (Luke Stevens Mixup)

My first mixup.

Link: http://fdgs.s3.amazonaws.com/public-audio/Don Geronimo’s Buffalo Birthright (Luke Stevens Mixup).mp3




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